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A single or a group of scientists collect ideas for a project. They start to plan; collect literature; apply and find money; order material for their lab (chemicals, devices); make measurements; interpret measurements; redesign experiments; document measurements; make reports; design presentations; write articles. All this was previously done with several tools with different user interface concepts and incompatible data formats. ISMeralDa tries to unite most of the above processes:

  • One single, smart and fast user interface to most common scientific tasks.
  • Focusing on scientific experiments, not on organization and administration.

It supports doing that in a team, that means that every team member is automatically kept at the present state of development (synchronization) independent where they are. Enabling direct discussion of the results.

In all these development steps ISMeralDa helps by providing tools and keeping track of what is planned, done, by whom and when. Finally it generates a skeleton of a report that can be used to publish the data.

Additionally it holds a vast library of procedures, protocols and physical data (like buffers, spectra, structures, sequences etc. ) in the reach of a view clicks.

  • archive: if a scientist leaves the group, data and knowledge is not lost
  • simple central material ordering system
  • keeping track of research budget
  • finds best price for a chemical/material
  • keeps track of inconsistencies/manipulations
  • documents precisely who did what when
  • finds new people

Future Vision

In a few years, artificial intelligence (AI) systems will become so strong that they start to learn and interpret experimental data. The better ("context reduced") the data is organized and described, the faster and better will their interpretation and prediction abilities be. This could be the basis for the invention of completely new drugs, vaccines, experiments, investigations.

Printed articles are outdated - they contain too much of the historical context of the authors.

Articles in the ISMeralDa will have a new, much more honest form: They will be temporal interpretations of raw data and putting them into a certain historical context. New Generations with their grown knowledge will be able to reinterpret the data and rewrite the interpretation.

Scientist will not be evaluated by the amount of repetition, but real, substantial output and the influence their work has on other fields/colleagues. Quality of the work is the focus (reproducibility, reliability, precision). ISMeralDa could support this evaluation process.

Vision of the ISMeralDa application/data model

  • data is unique and safe and has a history
  • data storage is shielded from the scientist with the help of the ISMeralDa interface:
    • the user does not need to care about how his data is organized (no knowledge of the file system structure),
  • the user does not need to save data (the system always keeps care and track of the changed data)
    • a future ISMeralDa could be a single stable and safe client on a very lean operating system (ISMeralDaOS)
    • data is handled in a unified way for all sub-applications
    • data can be stored in global network in a distributed and encrypted form (no dedicated servers required).
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