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Ismeralda software version and milestone timeline (plan)

BL, md

0.0.1 collection phase, project (adding files, modifying files from database),
0.0.2 drafting  (projects/bibliography/RNA calc/notes/calendar/Textedit/okular/addressbook)
0.0.3 plugins, mainwindow menues, notepad, addressbook, UV plug, DNA plug,
0.0.4 address db
0.0.5 material db
0.0.6 bibliogr db including some example files (graphics, todo list, projects, PDF, tex, office)
0.0.7 exploring good open source projects/partners/EU projects/NASA/DFG/MPG/NSF/NIH
0.0.9 making it nice, stable and polish

0.1 first idea feature freeze, small tools
0.1.1 project manager
0.1.2 user / addressbook
0.1.3 inventory RNA calc DNA calc
0.1.5 moloecular weight calc. (Mattias Monroe, Psion chemtools)
0.1.6 calculator - visual math (like maple13) with history and connection to lynx and plot function
0.1.9 C++ features, SQL, stability programming

0.2 main tools
0.2.1 text editor (wysiwyg) (QT4)
0.2.2 tex(t) editor (lynx, kile people)
0.0.3 bibliography (BL, md)
0.2.4 structure editor
0.2.5 spread sheet

0.3  finding responsible main developers for modules (scientific content, programmers)

0.3.9 deligating parts of the source code to people

0.4 database structure, first draft, versioning system, archieving backups

0.5 synchronization / collaboration / network protocolls / archive protocolls first draft

0.6 filling the main gaps

0.7 intaller for Linux, OSX and Windows in a common scripting language (qtscript, python, perl ??)

0.8 optimization and stabilization, usability, workflow, finalization of database structure

0.9 EU scientific collaboration and/or education grand (?)
0.9.8 first ismeralda developer meeting (e.g. spring/summer 2010 ??))

Version 1.0

1.3 opening for new features

1.9 stabilization and optimization
1.9.9 2nd Ismeralda developer meeting

Version 2.0 Web and collaboration functions
secure communication
secure database model
quick and easy share
first draft of scoring system (user score value of information of other users)
first open webserver for colleted open knowledge
common shared knowledge ("wikipedia of science")
strong emphasis of trust and crosscheking/consistancy
asking Sternberg/Koch for Kosmos permission ?
eye candy surface (green ismeralda look)

Public relation in scientific journals, wider range public, industry
unified product search (with price comparison)

Industry partners for web interfaces (Sigma, Invitrogen, Boehringer, Strem, VWR, Fisher, etc).

2.8 easy, useful, fast, stable and very nice

Version 3

Ismeralda Linux distribution addon
addon for all major Linux distributions (Ubuntu/Debian, Suse, Redhad, Fedora)

ISMeralDa foundation

Ubuntu 11.10 repository
Opensuse 14.0 repository

iphone version

Version 4.0

open peer reviewing model (in test phase)
GLP functions
Universal device plugin (to control and receive raw data from lab instruments)
revision of scoring system (with peer review option)
distributed network memory (the huge network is used to store enormous amount of data without the need of a single server).

Version 5.0

GLP certification ?
ISO 9001 qualitiy certificate ?
porting to other software platforms (e.g. flex/flash/air, gtk, web2.0)

Version 6.0

Production line version (chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, Research&Development)

Version 7.0
point system for scientific work
Version 8 Bug fixes and minor features, growth of community, quick, easy, fast, stable.

Version 9.0
overtaking parts of the peer review journal system
people shall publish their scientific results in an open and reproducable way with all negative results and trials.

Version 10.0

ISMeralDa operation system

Version 20.0 "David Hume University - an ISMeralDa university"

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